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2020 13u Vets Fall Ball Team


Tommy Got Him!!


2020 12u Young Vets


2020 Young Vets Memorial Day Flag Placing                                 


2019 Fruitland Runners Up


Stewartstown Young Vets Player/Parent Agreement

The Stewartstown Young Vets program strives to maintain the best possible environment for players, coaches, administration personnel, and parents.  Below are some guidelines to help parents and players to understand what our program expects during the season both on and off the field.  Failure to follow these expectations may result in termination from the team.  Please read and acknowledge these guidelines prior to joining our program.  

Player & Parent Agreement

The Stewartstown Young Vets is a travel/tournament sport organization. The mission of the Young Vets program is to provide a quality baseball experience and help advance players to the next level both on and off the field. This PLAYER/PARENT AGREEMENT will help you understand our expectationsand will be strictly enforced both on and off the field.




In exchange for the opportunity to play baseball for The Stewartstown Young Vets, players and parents/guardians agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT in its entirety. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT in its entirety can lead to dismissal from the program. In cases of dismissal, players and parents/guardians agree that they are NOT eligible for a refund of fees. Players and Parents/Guardians may appeal a dismissal to the President of the Young Vets Program. Appeals must be made in writing within thirty (30) days of receiving notification of dismissal.



Players and parents/guardians agree that by signing below, completing the Registration Form, and paying the initial deposit that they are committing to the entire Young Vets Baseball season. This agreement also means that the players and parents/guardians understand that they are fully responsible for the total amount owed by each player on the team regardless of the number of games they play. This includes if a player misses games due to injury, being dismissed from the team, coaches’ discretion, voluntarily missing games due to vacations etc., and/or voluntarilyquitting the team regardless of when. Each player is required to make any payments in a timely manner in accordance with our program directors/treasury officers. Any money paid is non-refundable regardless of situation either personally or team specific. This includes cases in which a tournament, league game, practice, etc. is cancelled regardless of reason. Team expenses are divided evenly among each individual family. Tournaments will be funded by each individual family evenly via direct payments to the organization and/or fundraising efforts. Each family is expected to engage in and assist with any fundraising efforts that may be presented to the organization via our program directors/fundraising committee. Families who fail to participate in fundraising efforts will result in out-of-pocket direct payments to the organization to aid in the overall budget for the team/tournament expenses.


Players and parents/guardians agree and accept the risks that come with playing a competitive sport such as baseball, including the possible risk of injury. In the event of an injury, regardless of where, when, or how it happens, the player will still be responsible for the individual financial responsibility. The Young Vets Organization does NOT collect more money than it needs to cover the overall seasonal expenses. Due to this fact, we are unable to refund any monies that are calculated/paid from each family. However, in the event of an injury or any unforeseen circumstance that causes a player to miss a significant amount of time, players/parents can submit a claim to the Young Vets President who will review the claim and work with individual families in good faith to find a solution.


All money that is paid for field usage, practices, league games, tournaments, etc. is non-refundable. Players, Parents/Guardians agree that all money paid is forfeited regardless of any injury, voluntary or involuntary dismissal of the team, moving away from the area, global pandemics, etc. and will NOT be refunded. There may be circumstances where practices, games, tournaments etc. will be cancelled due to weather related activity or other unforeseen events. This is simply the nature of outdoor sports. The Young Vets Organization does NOT get reimbursed for any games/tournaments that are cancelled due to weather. We do our best to try and reschedule games/tournaments that are cancelled; however, it is not guaranteed. Any claims should be presented to the President of the Young Vets organization who will further review the claim and work with the individual families in good faith to find a solution.




Players and parents/guardians agree that playing time and all on-field decisions is carried out by the Manager/Head Coach and designated coaches. Playing time is NOT guaranteed and the Head Coach will determine playing time. The Head Coach will also abide by any rules/by-laws in league play/tournaments that may affect playing time (this includes pitching, hitting, defense etc.). If a player or parent/guardian has a question pertaining to on-field matters, they must address the Manager/Head Coach only in the appropriate manner and tone at the appropriate time (in person, email or via the phone at least 24 hours after a game/practice). In addition, all Parent's agree to allow the Manager/Head Coach and all assistant coaches to coach.Parents also agree that any questions/concerns regarding any baseball related activity will be initially addressed to the Head Coach only BEFORE addressing any assistant coaches.


Stewartstown Young Vets Players will NOT be allowed to participate in any other organizations’ practices, games, or tournaments during our active season without prior approval of the teams Head Coach/Manager. Participation with any High School programs are an exception. Prior to ANY activity with another team/organization SHALL be approved first with the Head Coach/Manager. Player safety is paramount, and we need to monitor all players at all age groups during our season.




Players, Parents/Guardians, and all other family/friends associated with the Stewartstown Young Vets program are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner at all times both on and off the field. There will be a zero-tolerance policy should any player, parent/guardian, or any Young Vets spectator conduct themselves unbecoming of the Young Vets Organization. There will no negative words or actions by any player, parent/guardian, or fans on or off the field. Young Vets players, parents/guardians and fans will hold the utmost respect towards coaches, umpires, opponents, volunteers/tournament staff, and other opposing spectators. There will be absolutely NO negative words or arguing with opposing teams, coaches, umpires, or other spectators. The Young Vets coaching staff/administration hold the right to suspend and/or terminate any player, parent/guardian, or other family member/fan from any baseball related activities if we witness or hear of any inappropriate behavior or conduct on or off the field. Players, parents/guardians, and any other persons directly involved with The Young Vets Organization agree that they will be held accountable for any actions or behaviors that go against our policy or the overall well-being of the team.



Players and parents/guardians further agree to address all areas of concern/disagreement related to the team/baseball activity with the HEAD COACH at an appropriate time/location away from the field AND no less than 24 hours after the last game/practice. Addressing the Head Coach/Manager can be done in person, over the phone, or via email.


I, __________________________________________­­­____________, acknowledge the above Terms/Conditions and Player/Parent or Guardian agreement.

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