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SEYFA Rams Youth Football

Youth Recreational Football

Southeastern Youth Football Association is an instructional football team that competes in the York Adams Elementary Football League. It serves children in the age range of 5-12 years old that reside in the Southeastern School District. Our goal is to provide children with a safe, fun introduction to youth football.

For more information on SEYFA Football, please visit their website

Recreational Ultimate Frisbee

Stewartstown Ultimate Players Association

The Stewartstown Ultimate Players Association is a frisbee league for ages 13 and up. Our summer league plays Sunday evenings from June until the beginning of August.

For more information on other seasons and the sign up process, visit their webpage

Recreational/Travel Soccer

Barrens Soccer Club (Rec League):
Registrations occurs March to May 31st
Practices begin late August
Games played September- early November

Barrens Travel Soccer:
Try-outs held in late April/early May
Fall season and Spring season
If interested or need additional information, email Bonni Nelson at:

Girls Lacrosse

South Eastern Rams Girls Lacrosse Program 

Our recreational teams play in the Harford County Girls Lacrosse League. This league welcomes both beginners and experienced players. 

Outdoor practices are twice a week and start in early March with games in April and May. All away games are in Harford County. A few indoor practices may be scheduled in February.   Girls that are 5-6 yrs. play on our clinic team. These girls meet twice a week and learn the basics of lacrosse. Pratices for clinic will begin in mid-late March.. 

For more information, you can go to

Boys Lacrosse

South Eastern Rams Boys Lacrosse Program 

Rams Lacrosse is an athletic program offered to the youth of South Eastern School District from ages 5-15. We will promote the sport of lacrosse to the boys by teaching the fundamental skills and strategies of the game through experienced, caring, fair coaches to result in a positive learning and rewarding experience for all involved.

For more information about the Rams Boys Recreational Lacrosse Program, please visit their website 

VFW Baseball

Stewartstown Vets Baseball

Susquehanna League Baseball - Semi-Pro Baseball Team

Vets Baseball is part of the Susquehanna Baseball League.  The Susquehanna Baseball League is a semi-professional league based out of York County, Pennsylvania and features talents that range from current High School players, current/former College players, former Major/Minor league players, etc.  The team has been established since 1911 and has a great history of successful baseball. 

Practices and warm-ups usually start in February each year for the team and games will start to at the beginning of May.  The season is 32 games long and last until late July.  Playoffs, Championship, and the County Tournament to proceed into mid/late August. 

Anyone with prior baseball experience is welcome to come out for the team.  For more information about the Vets Baseball Program, please visit their website or contact the Team Manager Jere Preston at 717-881-9120.

SAA Youth Wrestling

Southeastern Rams Wrestling

Parents -Young wrestlers thrive on your positive support. Nothing feels better while out there on the mat than to hear the cheers of family, friends, and teammates. And speaking of family, you'll be surprised by just how much of a family sport wrestling is. We encourage you to get involved--as a parent coach, as a refreshment stand associate, as a board member. And if you have a talent that you think might benefit us, let us know--you're probably right!!

Wrestlers -This is a sport that often gives the tests first, then the lessons! The great Dan Gable said “Once you’ve wrestled, everything in life is easy.” This sport teaches work ethic, character, discipline, humility, and perseverance. You'll learn that the seed of a future victory lies at the heart of every defeat. And though defeat is tough, it makes us all proud to watch you come off the wrestling mat with dignity and sportsmanship. There are no losers at SAA, just winners and learners. So let's have fun. Let's learn. Let's compete.

For complete details visit SAA's website
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